Pure cotton has great benefits as compared to synthetic fiber used in many scarves and clothing. It is very soft, comfortable, doesn't irritate your skin, dries easily and absorbs moisture. Natural chemical-free cotton adds to the benefits as it is allergen-free, and safe from chemical residues used to farm and process cotton. 

At FolkCharm, cotton is naturally grown within or from the nearby village. Cotton fiber is spun into yarns by experienced craftsmen and woven into beautiful fabrics by skilled weavers. [click to read 'the cotton process'] the processing of cotton into yarns and weaving. Softness and safety are guaranteed at FolkCharm! 

Did you know that "cotton" is one of the most toxic industries in the world?

We come into contact with cotton everyday, many times a day.50% from textiles used for clothes in the world is cotton. Cotton farming is about 2.4% of the world's agriculture yet uses the world’s 11% of insecticides and 24% of pesticides. Not to mention the chemicals used and pollution produced to process cotton to what we wear and come into contact with everyday. This is drastically impacting the health of farmers and workers as well as the environment. (Source: WWF2014)

It is now sad difficult to imagine that our ancestors have never used chemicals in growing and processing cotton before as now only 1% of the cotton today is organic. We cannot change the way the cotton industry works but we together create awareness and change our behavior. 

​Look at how happy these blooming cotton trees are, being naturally grown among many other crops on the land of our producer in Loei province!


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